XBO Exchange Platform Debuts Pre-launch Event, Rewarding Early Registration

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XBO, the crypto exchange making digital currencies more accessible to everyone, debuts its pre-launch competition, offering investors the opportunity to pre-register and complete the verification process to the platform for a chance to earn special rewards and account privileges. The platform merges gaming-inspired UI with the latest security practices to offer traders a comfortable and visually appealing alternative to existing exchange platforms.

With a unique intuitive design, XBO implements the latest security practices to allow for faster onboarding and login, while protecting investors’ independence

“XBO was designed to fit as many trading styles as possible,” says Shimon Baron, CMO of XBO. ”Especially in the bear market that we’re witnessing, the importance of drawing more investors to crypto is paramount in supporting the DeFi space as a whole. At XBO we believe that crypto exchanges can seem intimidating to potential investors and the platform’s design, along with the ability to be attuned to different trading needs can help maximize engagement.”

With the cryptocurrency community still licking its wounds from the recent market crash that led to losses valued at trillions, the current bear market opens up possibilities for new and upcoming crypto projects to find more creative engagement methods meant to attract new investors for the benefit of the whole ecosystem.

XBO’s exchange platform meets the market need for user-friendly and reliable trading, leveraging social gaming UX elements to boost user experience. XBO makes buying and selling digital assets simple for amateur investors that find traditional crypto trading platforms intimidating and experienced investors alike. The company’s vision of “crypto for everyone” strengthens the founders’ belief that attracting newcomers to digital assets can elevate and empower all investors.

As a part of XBO’s pre-release competition kickoff, the company will offer investors a chance to complete the verification process to immediately gain the Gold status account, granting traders benefits in the form of no commissions on crypto deposits, exchange cashback, spot trading, crypto rewards and more. The early subscribers will also have a chance to win the Black Diamond tier for their account, the most luxurious status on the platform. Account benefits to early subscribers stay for life, whereas accounts who attain special status will have to maintain their status.

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