Will Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork be Deployed On Mainnet in the Next 4 Weeks?

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Cardano, with its regular improvements, has been making progress that way. According to the Input-Output HK, the Cardano testnet was successfully hard forked by the IOG team.

Cardano Gets an Upgrade

The Cardano testnet hard fork is now complete, and the mainnet will follow in around four weeks or as soon as developers have had enough time to change their tools.

The much-awaited Vasil hard fork has been finished on the Cardno testnet, moving it one step closer to being implemented on the mainnet and promising significant performance improvements.

Stake pool operators (SPO), exchanges, and project developers are now invited to release their work on the testnet to ensure that interfaces operate well when the mainnet undergoes the Vasil upgrade in around four weeks.

“We are delighted to announce that the IOG team hard forked the #Cardano Testnet successfully at 20:20 UTC today. In the process of getting the Vasil upgrade on the mainnet, this is a crucial next step.”

We’re happy to report that today at 20:20 UTC the IOG team has successfully hard forked the #Cardano Testnet. This is an important next step in the journey towards the Vasil upgrade on mainnet.


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) July 3, 2022

Vasil’s mainnet hard fork will speed up to block generation and improve the scalability of Cardano’s decentralized applications (Dapps). The company that created Cardano, Input-Output HK (IOHK), stated in a tweet on July 3 that in addition to performance improvements, developers would have “much-improved script performance and efficiency” and decreased costs.

Vasil will also make Cardano (ADA) sidechain interoperability possible- one of the critical features researchers plan to provide during the current Basho phase of the blockchain’s development. 

Cardano’s fourth development stage, Basho, focuses on scaling. It will be followed by Voltaire, where governance will be the primary concern.

“The Vasil upgrade is active on testnet and will be deployed on mainnet in a few weeks. It is expected that from here, Cardano DeFi will likely enter the rapids.”

The Vasil upgrade is now live on testnet, coming to mainnet in a few weeks. Expect Cardano DeFi to go into the rapids from here

— ADA whale (@cardano_whale) July 3, 2022

However, according to IOHK, the proposal to hard fork the mainnet won’t be made until “ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready,” but this is anticipated to happen in roughly four weeks.

Additionally, if one looks at the previous phase based on ecosystem tracker Cardano Cube reports, Goguen saw the introduction of Cardano’s smart contract capabilities, which decentralized finance (DeFi) developers took advantage of by developing dozens of dapp exchanges and DeFi protocols.

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