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What is Nitro Nesting and why will it beat the Helium model?

How excited would you be if you discovered that a 10×10 inch shelf space in your house or business could make you money without hassle? That too  from any location on the planet! 

Sounds interesting?

Well that’s exactly what Nitro Network has been working on. The IOT backed firm is ushering in a bright new world called “Nesting” as a part of Digital Mining.

What is Nitro Nesting

Nitro Nesting is based on the concept of location. The company has  split locales into Tiers based on their value, with Tier 1 being the most important, followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Tiers are based on a location’s suitability for hosting the Nitro Network in terms of connection, income potential, infrastructure, neighborhood, and population, among other factors. Each Nest will have a one-kilometer radius of operation.

To expand it further, individuals can host the network while also earning through an equal distribution of incentives/rewards and building a private network. 

You are the sole host within a one-kilometer radius as a Nester – with one other Nester at most. As a result, if you host the network, you will reap the benefits. In the absence of network congestion, there aren’t too many nesters vying for the same rewards.

When you successfully host the network from your location, you become a “nester” on the nitro network. However, the Nitro platform will first validate your address as well as get your KYC. 

Your address or present location determines your nesting status. With a 10 × 10 inch area in your home or workplace, as well as decent WiFi access, you can have this setup. 

Why is it better than Helium model

Nitro Network verifies the Tier structure and locations, and each nest has a defined 1 km radius, which has solved a lot of difficulties with incentive bandwidth reduction. Helium, on the other hand, has. 

Unlike other decentralized private networks, such as Helium, there is no network congestion. As a result, mining proceeds without a hitch.

By restricting the amount of nesters to one location, Nitro has secured a fair distribution of benefits, which is a very good bargain when compared to Helium’s current reward distribution.

This implies that there will be fewer nesters and miners vying for the same slice of pie! For hosting the Nitro Network, everyone gets their fair amount of incentives. 

Also, Nitro has introduced NFM (Non-fungible Miners)- a digital miner in the form of NFT. which give Nitro upper hand in giving access to mines from anywhere in the world to its community, no installation or maintenance is required, you mint it and start earning your rewards through it. And the biggest is the shipping delays which is becoming a headache for Helium supporters. They have been waiting for more than  half a year to receive the device. Not only that, the daily rewards for their community has decreased drastically. 

What does it take to be a nester?

The process is simple. Remember that the quantity of awards you get is determined on your location. To become a nester, take these simple steps:

  • Choose an unoccupied tiny area in your house or business.
  • Finish the verification procedure.
  • After that, a Tier will be allocated to you depending on your current/specified location.
  • Your nest will have a 1km radius of operation.

So start hosting from your own home and start making money.

The verification procedure is quite similar to that of Airbnb; once the address has been validated by the Nitro platform and your KYC has been completed, you will be designated as a “nester.” You’ve now become the Nester in a 1 km radius, effectively making it your kingdom to collect rewards.

What does it take to be a nester?

Well, you just need to buy NFM from their marketplace. Currently pre-order is up. Check their website-


It is not an exaggeration to claim that Nitro is developing an ecosystem in which everyone is linked and incentives are distributed in an ideal and consistent manner. You host the Nitro Network as a Nester on the Nitro Network, and you contribute regardless of where you are in the globe.

On Nitro Network, becoming a Nester is practically surrounding oneself with benefits with minimal effort. 

So next time you see an empty space in your house, you know what you need to do. 

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