This Crypto Bull Bets On AVAX, MATIC and SOL. Here’s What His Portfolio Looks Like

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is a crypto bull, with cryptocurrencies accounting for 20% of his running companies’ assets. The millionaire owns 32 cryptocurrencies and has stated that he is bullish on Avalanche, Solana, and MATIC.

O’Leary’s crypto bets

Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian entrepreneur and investor, told Cointelegraph in an interview at Bitcoin Miami that he has boosted his cryptocurrency holdings from 7% to 20% of his whole portfolio.

O’Leary reported 32 cryptocurrency positions, including major positions in Solana, Avalanche, and MATIC, among other Ethereum competitors.

Ethereum is too sluggish for me as a financial services man,O’Leary said, adding that in light of recent updates and the projects’ potential, he is optimistic about challengers Avalanche and Solana.

Crypto accounts for 20% of his running companies’ portfolio. In addition to SOL, AVAX, and MATIC, O’Leary’s contact with FTX brought him to Hedera, Polygon, and Helium.

Institutions are now interested in crypto investments, according to Mr. Wonderful, as the regulatory picture improves.

Mr.Wonderful feels it is hard to predict “who will win,” therefore he invests in a variety of cryptocurrencies and platforms, including FTX. With more regulatory clarity, he predicts that bitcoin use in the United States would increase.

O’Leary expects increased institutional crypto capital inflows, legislative certainty in the United States, and rise of Ethereum’s competitors, Solana and Avalanche, in 2022. 

The price trajectories of Solana, Avalanche, and MATIC have been examined, and it is believed that the Ethereum-upside killer’s price is limited.

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