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Nitro Network on the path to building the largest decentralized private telecom community network

Nitro Network is on its way to creating the world’s largest decentralised telecom network. The company has recently taken it a step further by providing an IoT alternative to cellular networks by putting miners at the centre of it all in this hyperconnected world.

“We are serious about building the most profitable miner network on the planet,” said Founder & Chairman of Nitro Network Abhishek Pitti. It also entails a well-thought-out incentivized strategy with a product that will help connect the dots (literally) and build one of the most profitable private communication networks.

Nitro ION Miner rewards you with Ncash cryptocurrency in exchange for building wireless coverage for a class of Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the LongFi technology. In order to do this, users will need special devices that support the aforementioned technology, devices that can be placed wherever the user deems necessary to create the best possible coverage. 

With this algorithm, the amount of currency you’ll receive is determined. Reading the mechanism’s documentation will help you mine more efficiently while also adding value to the community.

The Nitro ION Miner is a one-stop-shop for expanding your network and creating money.  

About the Nitro ION Miner: 

The ION miners will help in establishing your own private network in your area. The ION hotspots mine NCash for you in order to improve connectivity and expand the network as a service. 

Nitro ION Miners provide a low-bandwidth internet connection that can be used across long distances.

ION miners powered by LoRaWan provide dependable connectivity and fast data speeds. The ION miners’ extended range and long battery life (up to 10 years) provide much-needed connectivity and effectiveness

Big offer for early birds: 

The first 1000 miners get 100% cashback in NCash tokens.The company is giving this as a welcome bonus for joining the Nitro Network. 

All you have to do now is book your miner for only $50 and pay the rest when it arrives. Once you receive your miner, you will receive a refund in the form of NCash tokens for the money spent.

Data network rewards: 

Miners will mine NCash tokens to provide wireless networking coverage and validate the Nitro Network as part of the inflationary tokens program. Network Data Transfer pays all miners in proportion to their share of total data sent in that epoch.

187% APR on staking: 

When you stake your miner with NCash, you can get a whopping
187 percent APR if you are quick enough to stake both your miner purchase and your data network payouts.

With the proprietary NCash token at the core, Nitro promises to be a game-changer in the decentralised private telecom ecosystem. As smarter gadgets and IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, the Nitro community is magnifying this project and potentially building an intelligent future. 

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