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November 22, 2019
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Is Nucleus Vision progressing on Sensor Deployment Front?

Nucleus Vision is gradually overcoming its supply chain management issues that impacted the company’s progress efforts throughout the last year.

Sensors Deployment Growth – Compared with early 2018, last six months has been a more active and engaging at Nucleus Vision with the company installing their proprietary sensors in various brand stores. My guesstimate is based on number of community videos that were put on Twitter & YouTube. Past six months have experienced drastic growth in the number of sensors deployed.I have made an effort to gather the videos from different sources for the readers.

Here’s the talk about different companies with Community Videos –




Big Bazaar-

Park Avenue-


Gini & Jony –

Domino’s –

These short videos indeed show the sensor installed in the stores.

Overall Progress Report – Sensor deployment has been an issue that is now being actively resolved by the company. However, Nucleus Vision has been on the right track with partnerships. Over the past year and continuing this year, Nucleus Vision has garnered partnership with few brands outside India. From their official medium account, I collected that they have partnered with Russia based e-commerce Flogmall, South Korea based retail computing company Zoyi Corp and online content curator StarFeed. Recently they posted about their partnership with India based Umang Software.

Looking Forward To – I am looking for the value companies in the Blockchain space that have some real offering. Nucleus Vision with its sensor based solution to Brick and mortar retailers caught my attention. However, there is a scope to increase the frequency of community engagement apart from their monthly newsletters.

Disclaimer: The Videos are curated from various community sources and are meant for Information purposes only. Please do your own research.

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