How to stake NCash in order to become a Genesis Node

Keeping up on its promise, Nitro Network is giving NCash holders the opportunity to become Genesis nodes. The company has published a detailed guide on how to stake your NCash in order to become a Genesis node, where users can qualify for bonuses and staking rewards exclusive to Genesis nodes.

Step 1: Launch the portal

Open : click and wait for a screen to pop-up.

Step 2: Connect to the MetaMask wallet

Connect to the MetaMask wallet via the tab on the upper right.

The steps involved in integrating NCash with MetaMask are as follows.

a) Customize the MetaMask by adding a custom token.

b) Include the following contract address: 0x809826cceab68c387726af962713b64cb5cb3cca

c) Type the name of the token: NCash in the Token Name field.

d) There are 18 digits.

Step 3: Verify the MetaMask wallet’s authenticity

After connecting to the wallet, verify its authenticity by viewing the Balance section of the portal’s page. It will display your current NCash balance as well as the amount of NCash you’ve staked.

Step 4: Adding your MetaMask wallet to the MetaMask network

Authorization will occur twice as part of the normal staking process when using the MetaMask wallet. One is used for transaction approval, while the other is used for staking (refer to Step 7)

First authorization

Prior to proceeding, your transaction will be approved. A new pop-up window will appear asking for confirmation of the purchase. Select “Approve”.

Step 5: Transaction in progress

Once this is completed, the screen will display a dialogue window informing you that your transaction is now being processed. Wait until the transaction is complete.

Step 6: Approval of the transaction

When your transaction is accepted, a dialogue box stating “approved” will appear on the screen.

Step 7: Staking

Enter the amount of NCash you want to stake and click “Stake”

Second authorization

You must validate your stake. A new pop-up window will appear inquiring about the stake. “Confirm” is the appropriate button to click. Following that, a dialogue window labelled “In progress” appears. Kindly await confirmation patiently.

Step 8: Confirmation

Congratulations! You have been approved for staking! You’ll be presented with a confirmation screen.

A screenshot of the confirmation page for your transaction:

Step 9: Activity details

Your account balance is been updated on the portal. The MetaMask wallet displays detailed information on each transaction.

Additionally, you can visit to verify all staked tokens.

The company has been extremely responsive to questions on its social media platforms to ensure smooth operability. If you too have questions then you can tweet them at their handle here. You can also post your queries for them on Reddit here.

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