Hacker Selling 1 Billion Chinese Citizens’ Data for 10 BTC, Zuckerberg’s Meta Ends Novi Project, and More — News Week in Review

In this week’s bite-sized digest of the hottest stories from News, a hacker claims to have stolen a massive amount of Chinese citizens’ personal data from Shanghai police, and now wants to sell it for ten bitcoins. Also, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has ditched the Novi project, after unveiling a new metaverse wallet. These stories and more, right below.

Leaked Personal Data of 1 Billion Chinese Citizens on Sale for 10 Bitcoins — Hacker Claims Stolen From Shanghai Police

A hacker claims to have stolen the personal data of a billion Chinese citizens from the Shanghai National Police (SHGA) and is selling it for 10 bitcoins. “This database contains many TB of data and information on billions of Chinese citizens.”

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Meta Ending Crypto Project Novi After Mark Zuckerberg Unveiled Metaverse Digital Wallet

Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, has announced the end of its crypto project Novi. Users are advised to withdraw funds as soon as possible. The announcement followed the introduction of a digital wallet for the metaverse, announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Says Crypto Immolation Shows the Fed’s Job to Tame Inflation Is Almost Complete

The host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer, claims that “With the immolation of crypto, the Fed’s job is almost complete.” He stressed that “one front in the war on inflation that’s been an outstanding total victory for the Fed” is the battle against financial speculation.

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Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank Suspended by Puerto Rico’s Regulator — Schiff Insists No Evidence of Crime

Peter Schiff-owned Euro Pacific Bank has been suspended by Puerto Rico’s financial regulator. Schiff claims that there’s “no evidence of crimes,” warning that “accounts are frozen and customers may lose money.”

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