CWD Global – CROWD GLOBAL COIN, The Popular DAO Project!

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The cryptocurrency market has been a completely autonomous sector of the economy for more than ten years. It has proven to have enormous potential and a highly secure base.

The overall tendency in blockchain development is a reworking of the technology’s fundamental principles in favor of the whole human community.

The advantages of the blockchain are security, confidentiality, high data transfer speed, low costs of transactions, irreversibility of operations, etc.

As you can see below the BTC Circulating supply over the years has been increasing.

Various trends and developments have evolved throughout the ten-year development of blockchain technology, the Decentralized Autonomous Community of Industry (Defi) aims to make finance a viable alternative to banking and replace traditional financial system technologies with open-source protocols in the forms of the Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAO), whose goal is the creation, distribution, and fixation of benefits based on the common good.


In 2013, the first DAO was released as a consequence of the world’s largest crowdfunding campaign in 2016. The DAO received 14 percent of all Ether (ETH) in circulation at the time, which equated to nearly $50 million. As a result of the project’s failure, the Ethereum blockchain was forked. There are now over 200 DAOs with total assets of over $15 billion as of December 2021. Cooper Turley defines a DAO as an online community with a shared capitalization portfolio and a bank account.  There is a wide range of options available nowadays. 


CWD GLOBAL DAO is a decentralized autonomous community investment concept that allows CWD coin holders to decide on an independent future development vector and create new products. CWD GLOBAL principles are, decentralization, equality, transparency, anonymity, durability, stability, scalability and flexibility.

CWD GLOBAL Blockchain Platform:

The CWD GLOBAL blockchain is based on a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus that is quick, contemporary, and democratic. The CWD GLOBAL blockchain is being developed by crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. Today, the team has more than 30 people and they are presented in the Followers section on Github.

The number of registered accounts on the CWD GLOBAL blockchain surpassed 121,083 at the time of writing this text (April 2022). 

There are more than 50 different operations in the CWD GLOBAL blockchain in comparison to BitShare’s original code.

Additional functions include:

Decentralized gaming zone. Decentralized exchange. Decentralized system of loans and pledges. Sending secret messages through the blockchain. Referral system. Added functionality of the “Check word”. The functionality of holding team blockchain competitions on the “Big Race” to track the results of staking and other promotions.Added functionality of the address book and white and black lists of accounts


The primary network asset is the CROWD GLOBAL cryptocurrency, which bears the ticker CWD.   CWD coin offers holders the ability to vote for choosing a witness and receive winnings from successful passages of games. You’ll need some CWD on your account balance to complete the transactions; CWDs can be acquired on a decentralized exchange and on crypto exchange

The maximum number of CWD 10 billion coins was deposited on the blockchain. This coin supply was set aside for future project finance and block producer pay. There are 879,734,524.03 CWD in circulation as of April 2022. Obviously, the turnover volume will never be more than or equal to the maximum volume.


Passive Income – CWD Staking: Traditional mining can be replaced by staking. Users are charged a price, but they can afford not to pay it,  to purchase costly equipment.

There are three staking periods available right now: three, six, and twelve months. For three months, the percentage return on staking is 9%, which is similar to other currencies and even exceeds several well-known blockchains. The lower the coin rate, the lower the reward amount (in fiat) will be:10%, 25%, or 100% of the payout. As a result, you must select currencies with minimal levels of volatility. 

Important Information : 

On the 20th of March, 2022 the CWD GLOBAL DAO community voted for 48 percent of the income for three months staking, which exceeds the income for many well-known blockchains.

The CWD coin is already for sale in, and a bounty business and Coinsbit India listing will be announced soon. Among the exchanges where CROWD is listed,  will be the second largest.

Active Income On The CWD GLOBAL Platform: CWD GLOBAL provides its members with a variety of active income options: 

They are: 

Decentralized Gaming ZoneThe Big Jackpot LotteryThe Matrix GameDecentralized P2P ExchangeDecentralized system of Loans and Pledges.

More information you will find on Whitepaper (English) –

Referral Programs:

Only a referral link from a partner is required to register on the platform, and once registered, each user is linked to the structure of the partner who invited him. The affiliate program now has eight levels of depth.

1. General referral program: The general referral program is a program for paying rewards from paid contracts by users. The below table shows the details:

2. Referral program for Staking: Depending on the condition of your contract, the table shows the percentage of payment for the acts of the individuals you invited.

3. Leadership referral bonus: The table shows the incentive % for the total commission paid by the people you recruited and other users in your affiliate network. The Leadership Bonus is only available to “Citizen” and “Infinity” contract holders.

4. Additional features of the referral program: Different contract statuses provide additional benefits to their owners. The table below depicts the additional advantages of various contracts.


When you purchase CWD coins on a peer-to-peer exchange, or on Coinsbit exchanges, you become not just a currency holder, but also a co-owner of the CWD GLOBAL decentralized enterprise. You can take part in its earnings and vote on future developments.

You can find more information and updates from the company’s social media sites :

Technical audit: : : : :

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