AuroraFS New Web3Tube Version Includes Authorized Access Control

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As the cryptocurrency industry continues Bearish momentum, the AuroraFS P2P Cloud Storage and Distribution Network has been one active example of an innovative decentralized project that continues to build during these turbulent times affecting all regulated and unregulated financial markets. Identifying which projects are still working has been pointed out by industry experts, as a dependable and clear indicator of which networks to watch to rise out of the current market conditions experienced as of late.

The AuroraFS decentralized network has made the pre-scheduled upgrades to its prized Web3Tube decentralized video storage and sharing platform. A security enhancement made to the entire system comes in the form of a network protocol now in place, referred to as Authorized Access Control, AAC for short. Authorized Access Control (AAC) not only adds to the security capabilities present within the Web3Tube decentralized video platform, but also gives creators the ability to earn crypto for their content based on the fundamental mechanics of the protocol.

Insight and Details into Web3Tube’s Authorized Access Control

The newly enhanced Web3Tube download is available on the AuroraFS github page, with expanded platform options for downloading expected soon. The AuroraFS official website is the focal point for those expanded options. As it relates specifically to the security implemented by Authorized Access Control, the Web3Tube decentralized video platform now requires a unique string of code from each requestor node as it seeks access to data securely housed within network storage nodes. This additional security measure not only adds a degree of safety which revolutionizes all decentralized video platforms, but because of that, can also easily lead to AuroraFS being mentioned in the conversation as a potential commercial solution for today’s growing data storage and delivery options.

It just so happens that Authorized Access Control doesn’t just enhance the security of the Web3Tube, but in doing so, also innovates the entire decentralized video storage and sharing industry as a whole. A clear security advancement like this has been one of the missing elements capable of making systems like Ethereum’s Swarm and IPFS’s Distributed Hash Table models, much more suitable for commercial consideration. With Authorized Access Control, video contributors on the Web3Tube platform gain the peace of mind of knowing security measures are protecting all content stored and accessed throughout the entire platform. This type of security is important to influencers and brand ambassadors which greatly depend on the integrity of the platforms which they engage on, for their own protection and their followers. Authorized Access Control (AAC) helps this effort to produce greater peace of mind and trust due to it being an active network security measure.

Authorized Access Control Enables Video Contributors to Earn Crypto Passively

AAC also enables the activation of an additional innovative feature present within the unique Web3Tube design. Video contributors and influencers with active channels on Web3Tube are able to set a monthly subscription fee for subscribers to access their full catalog of video content available on the secure platform. While these mostly-fractional subscription fees all equate to literal pennies on the dollar, the added feature offers a rather significant opportunity by giving Web3Tube contributors a sustainable model to passively earn crypto simply for doing what they do anyway. The only difference is, content creators typically load their content onto centralized networks which only begin to share with contributors after significant metrics have been successfully met, making it difficult for many to earn passively initially, and even after actively contributing on the network for some time.

“We are pleased about the benefits which Authorized Access Control offers the Web3Tube decentralized video platform. Not only does it have the opportunity to set new standards in decentralized video platform security, but also in rewarding the content contributors who ultimately help to make the network popular with engaging videos.” –  Warwick Powell,  Gauss Aurora Lab Design and Research Leader

Last Remarks and Next Steps

For now AuroraFS is focused on continued enhancements to Web3Tube and the AuroraFS blockchain also. A significant deal of recent focus and attention has also been devoted to finding new DApps ideas to launch with AuroraFS as the underlying decentralized blockchain powering the decentralized applications through highly integratable API capabilities in place. Currently, users can check network and system requirements and also download the latest version of AuroraFS directly for themselves.

The AuroraFS project also has sights set on the upcoming Q3, which marks the planned release of the live, full version of AuroraFS and the network crypto coin – $AUFS. Until then, contests, giveaways and other potential opportunities exist for engagers who follow the AuroraFS social media pages, and community Telegram for the most up to date information and news. Web3Tube is the first fully decentralized, completely secured, video storage and sharing platform which AuroraFS and its supporters, are thoroughly convinced is the first of several DApps that will continue to innovate the decentralized landscape in more ways than one.

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